The Fox & Goose


It is believed that an Inn or resting place was established at the top of the hill climb out of Chesterfield on what is the old London to Manchester road over 600 years ago.  The building was presented to the Monks of Beauchief Abbey in a license granted by Richard II in 1392. The name Fox & Goose was derived from the ancient Viking board game – Fox & Geese – which the Monks used to play at the Inn. We have recreated this board game and you can play it in the pub snug!

The local residents of Wigley and Wadshelf named the hill on which the pub stands as Pudding Pie Hill as the slake lime burnt on the fields to aid plant growth in historic times gave the hill the appearance of a giant steamed pudding! We hope you bear this in mind when you try our secret recipe Authentic Pudding Pie for dessert.

Incidentally as with all ancient Inn’s the Fox & Goose has its friendly spirits. Don sadly passed away on the premises and is said to still take a keen interest in its visiting patrons……..